Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Filter Magazine's Culture Collide 2011

                       FILTER  MAGAZINE - "Good Music Will Prevail"

In the twentieth century, "culture" emerged as a concept central to anthropology, encompassing all human phenomena that are not purely results of human genetics. Specifically, the term "culture" in American anthropology had two meanings: (1) the evolved human capacity to classify and represent experiences with symbols, and to act imaginatively and creatively; and (2) the distinct ways that people living in different parts of the world classified and represented their experiences, and acted creatively.

Thank you to Alan Miller and Alan Sartirana for producing a music festival that includes everyone from everywhere and transports them to the center of our great city, literally. Culture Collide celebrates all forms of song, showcases all types of talent and brings the world of music together for a perfect example of unity and camaraderie.

John Lennon would be inspired. Imagine.

FILTER Magazine’s Culture Collide is an international festival welcoming artist from all over the world. Alan Miller and Alan Sartirana co-creators, co-owners, co-publishers, co-producers of Filter Magazine put on a four day talent infused music festival know as Culture Collide.

It is a musical and multi-cultural melting pot of those dedicated to their love of music and grassroots.

I met so many intriguing, fascinating characters that I was often mesmerized by observing the simplest of moves, words, acts. There was a welcoming feeling all round… despite my glittering. I must share though… I did where a black pair of air walk sneakers instead of my usual. But, they were sparkly sneakers. Can’t help myself! Really. Nobody seemed to judge and some people I discovered were actually closet glitter fans and wanted me to rub some off on them. Not sure what to do with that one but let’s just say the glitter remained on me.

T-shirts and jeans, kicks of all kinds, caps and some hats made up the majority of the chill dressed populous. Just like the music. Simple. Basic. Relaxed. Except for maybe the punk/rock artists who belted out and did things I have never seen or heard before.

It is stimulating to watch these magnetic artists, many of them struggling and starving, as the saying goes. They play and sing and generate a unique sound for all of us to absorb. As I inhale and later digest I am elevated by their passion. They are true to form and slaves to their muse but what magic to our ears they create.

Culture Collide explempifies that when “one is in their power” they are truly emulating greatness. And by witnessing this over and over, at the end of the set, I am beyond inspired.

I wish the best of luck to all of them.

Sharla xoxo

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