Friday, December 9, 2011

Pizza Festival with special guest Joe Pesci in Los Angeles 2011

“Pizza is a lot like sex. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good.”

The LA PIZZA FESTIVAL presented by Barcelona Enterprises was definitely an event worth experiencing.  Held at the beautiful Olympic Collection in West LA the banquet room was full of every kind of pizza, beer and wine you could imagine.  The little Italian man playing the accordion had a smile on his face that could tell a million stories and the crooner sang songs that instantly made you feel like you were in New York eating your pizza at your favorite pizza joint and huddling up next to warm fire with a nice bottle of red.  Outside old fashioned stone ovens baked pizza crusts to perfection as Champion Pizza Dough Artists performed amazing tricks both in the air AND on the ground.  I never knew that was even a sport but it is and it’s serious business.

As for the beautiful women we had the ever talented fresh and frisky  Satin Doll Dancers and The SafeCig Girls with their cigarette trays, short ruffled skirts and pill box hats that were so darn adorable that they actually made you want smoke a cigarette…  a SafeCig that is!

 Our celebrity guest Mr. Joe Pesci arrived in time for a quick interview, a supportive speech and pictures with anyone that wanted one. The line was long.
I always picture Mr. Pesci in two very distinct ways:
First as the lovable, comedic lawyer Vinny Gambini in “My Cousin Vinny” and then as the vicious, ruthless Mafioso Tommy DeVito in “Good Fellas”.
THAT ladies and gentlemen is called range. 
Luckily for me I had the privilege of interviewing the cute and cuddly version.  THAT was a relief!  LOL
I found Joe to be sweet, funny and shockingly enough… SHY.    Yes… It’s true what they say!

Thank you to Alan Semsar of Barcelona Enterprises for inviting Clubbin’ Productions to another funtabulous event.  

By the way I think I had 5 pieces of pizza and then rolled home 


Sharla xoxo

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Filter Magazine's Culture Collide 2011

                       FILTER  MAGAZINE - "Good Music Will Prevail"

In the twentieth century, "culture" emerged as a concept central to anthropology, encompassing all human phenomena that are not purely results of human genetics. Specifically, the term "culture" in American anthropology had two meanings: (1) the evolved human capacity to classify and represent experiences with symbols, and to act imaginatively and creatively; and (2) the distinct ways that people living in different parts of the world classified and represented their experiences, and acted creatively.

Thank you to Alan Miller and Alan Sartirana for producing a music festival that includes everyone from everywhere and transports them to the center of our great city, literally. Culture Collide celebrates all forms of song, showcases all types of talent and brings the world of music together for a perfect example of unity and camaraderie.

John Lennon would be inspired. Imagine.

FILTER Magazine’s Culture Collide is an international festival welcoming artist from all over the world. Alan Miller and Alan Sartirana co-creators, co-owners, co-publishers, co-producers of Filter Magazine put on a four day talent infused music festival know as Culture Collide.

It is a musical and multi-cultural melting pot of those dedicated to their love of music and grassroots.

I met so many intriguing, fascinating characters that I was often mesmerized by observing the simplest of moves, words, acts. There was a welcoming feeling all round… despite my glittering. I must share though… I did where a black pair of air walk sneakers instead of my usual. But, they were sparkly sneakers. Can’t help myself! Really. Nobody seemed to judge and some people I discovered were actually closet glitter fans and wanted me to rub some off on them. Not sure what to do with that one but let’s just say the glitter remained on me.

T-shirts and jeans, kicks of all kinds, caps and some hats made up the majority of the chill dressed populous. Just like the music. Simple. Basic. Relaxed. Except for maybe the punk/rock artists who belted out and did things I have never seen or heard before.

It is stimulating to watch these magnetic artists, many of them struggling and starving, as the saying goes. They play and sing and generate a unique sound for all of us to absorb. As I inhale and later digest I am elevated by their passion. They are true to form and slaves to their muse but what magic to our ears they create.

Culture Collide explempifies that when “one is in their power” they are truly emulating greatness. And by witnessing this over and over, at the end of the set, I am beyond inspired.

I wish the best of luck to all of them.

Sharla xoxo

Monday, October 3, 2011

Indulge LA 2011

Chocolate causes certain endocrine glands to secrete hormones that affect your feelings and behavior by making you happy. Therefore, it counteracts depression, in turn reducing the stress of depression. Your stress-free life helps you maintain a youthful disposition, both physically and mentally. So, eat lots of chocolate!

INDULGE LA 2011 is a deliciously decadent event put on by the master himself Alan Semsar of Barcelona Enterprises.

Alan is extremely skilled when it comes to putting together any celebration  with grace and ease.  There is excitement in the air, people are preparing and buzzing everywhere.  In the middle of all of this you will find Alan dressed in a very stylish shiny suit… cool, calm, collected and focused on the event at hand.  He directs his staff and volunteers with respect and kindness as he validates the image of one who has been in this leading position for many years.

Finally, before the imaginary curtain goes up… all is in place and ready for an eager audience.  The show begins.

Although you will find Alan swiftly walking with purpose through the whole event, for the duration of the event, making sure things are running smoothly… you will also see him enjoying his creation as he shares in a joke, tease and/or a laugh.

He is inspiring to watch.

Every event that Barcelona Enterprises produces is connected to a charity.  Giving back is part of who Alan is.  Events with benefits for those in need.

Could it get any better?  I LOVE IT!!!

I was very happy to be at the Olympic Collection where I could wear a pretty, purple dress, high heels and still be comfortable.
They had restrooms.  REALLY NICE ONES TOO!  No out-houses.  YESSS!!!!  WINNING!!!  My push up and my glitter and my heels were finally back at home.

Hristomir wore ripped jeans and a t-shirt.  It’s a good thing he is so LOVEABLE :)

Ummm….   YUM!!!

World class artists prepared a selection of the very best chocolate, cakes, pastries, and confections.  My mouth was very happy.

These are the people that make our taste buds go round.  Artists in their own right.  Creative, masterful and innovative.  Passionate about food, life and sweets.

The time and effort it takes to make just one tiny chocolate is unbelievable but worth every melting moment.  The cakes, cupcakes, cookies are masterpieces.  The confections straight out of the the Willie Wonka Chocolate Factory… and you enjoy all of this in one fabulously delicious afternoon.

The Champagne flows, Christine Divine from Fox 11 New shows up to support and share in all the splendor, Salsalicious performs some hot hot hot dance moves, the crooner croons, Priscilla the Psychic projects her insight and Indulge LA is in now full INDULGE mode.


Indulge LA benefits one of the most amazing organizations in the world. St. Jude Children's Hospital will receive the net proceeds from this amazing chocolate and pastry show.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pacific Festival 2011 Orange County

I think music in itself is healing.  It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.     Billy Joel

The Beginning

Hristomir and I arrived at the Pacific Festival at 11am.  Things were just getting started.  The festival was held on the grounds of Oak Canyon Ranch at Lake Irvine.  It was beautiful.  We walked the grounds and hit every stage looking for the Media/VIP Tent.  After asking several of the organizers where the tent may be??? We ironically enough ended up back at the first tent we went to.  This was approximately an hour later.  We were hot, thirsty and I had to powder.  We met with Holly and Alyssa…our contacts from Filter Magazine, who were both as helpful as they could be and then began our festival adventure.

The Grounds

H and I took out the schedule, made a tentative plan and started filming.  There were seven stages but we kept to the top four, which were EACH about a mile apart, from grass to dirt and everything in between.  I had put my heels in my handbag to wear once the sun went down but quickly realized that I was never going to be wearing those shoes.  I wanted to put them back in my car.  One of the parking guys was nice enough to let me move my car right next to the Media Tent. I said goodbye to my heels and my bag felt so much lighter.  Happy.

The Fashion

I dressed in my usual attire... push up bra and signature glitter.  I was the ONLY one.   I looked around and all I could see were girls in high waited shorts, head bands made of synthetic flowers and moccasin fringe boots.  The men wore long shorts, Panama fedoras and sneakers.  Sharla….you ain’t in Hollywood anymore!  It felt more like a love fest or Woodstock celebration.
I thought to myself …I have been to festivals before… Coachella being my very first… but I guess I had not really noticed that I was the only one NOT sporting the flower child look.  It was nice for a change. So, there I was surrounded by the hippie hipsters with my glitter, cleavage and sparkly sandals.  Some things will never change J  

The Music

It’s true.  Music brings us all together.  Music pumps through our veins and makes our hearts beat, our limbs move and our feet dance.  We are united in sound, rhythm and platonic beats.  It fills us up and makes us feel.   I must say I really did enjoy all the incredible talent I experienced… here are some highlights.

Brady Miller
I could not stop watching him.  I felt like I was being taken back in time… somewhere.  But I don’t quite know where.  He is sexy in retro way and I loved the wave of his voice.  Hippie-Sexy… that’s it!

These  ladies got it ALL go’ in on.  Inspiring and fresh.  They will keep you groove’n throughout the evening and into the early morning hours.  They are more than worthy.

Afro Man 
Puts a smile on your face.  Listen to his lyrics.  Funny.  He is smooth, relaxed, and confident.  Just watching Afroman will give you contact high!

American Royalty
The perfect blend of  Electro, Indie, Rock and Psychedelic.

Not much missing is there?!  These guys are busy, busy, busy.  Playing everything imaginable and keeping us more than entertained.  Not to mention… 2 very nice guys.  Watch for them.

Calvin Harris
Rock Star DJ in DA HOUSE!!!

Steve Aoki
YET ANOTHER ROCK STAR DJ!  Put me on a jet to Vegas.  NOW!~ 

Ghostland Observatory
Unique. Dynamic. Uber talented.  I was mesmerized by Aaron  Behrens who is the lead vocalist and guitarist. His moves captivated me and all I could do was take ina ll in... and breathe.  Aaron is an amazing force.   Thomas Turner contributes background vocals, drums, keyboard, and synthesizer…some very cool sounds and a beautiful black cape to bring it all together.  LOVE THE DRAMA OF IT ALL!

Snoop or as I fondly refer to him as “The Snoopster” is my most favorite rapper. Snoop is also one of my Mothers’ favorites… which should tell you a lot! He is so cute in his braided pig tails and his two piece baggie leisure wear.  He swears… but I don’t really hear it.  Snoop is sweet and kind and funny and I HAD SO MUCH FUN WATCHING HIS SHOW!  AND IT WAS… A SHOW~ I love ya Snoop Snoop!

It must be daunting to follow a performer like Snoop Dog…. But these 3 Australians held their own… and held it well.  You would have never known that by now it was 1 am and some of these festival goers had been there since 11am!  The energy, the enthusiasm, the pure joy that Cut Copy shared with crowd was brilliant.  Their shining stars energized our bodies and took us into never never land as Pacific Festival came to a euphoric close.